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Always says no trips found when searching for real time route arrivals

Broken as f***

It’s usually more inaccurate than it is accurate


Completely useless, just like CDTA in general. Times are never accurate, buses never come in a timely fashion, don’t rely on CDTA to get you to work on time.


Works well enough for buying fare but trying to get directions doesn’t work at all. Still cheaper than paying cash but not good for anything else

Not helpful

The older version worked better than this navigator one does. The trip planner feature, which should be the main focal point of the app does not work at all and therefore makes the app useless.

Doesn’t work

This app doesn’t work. Simple as that. I put in what stop I’m at and what stop I want to go to and it tells me it can’t find any trips to that destination. I’ll just stick to using Google Maps.

Doesn't work

Unreliable. App said bus would be here at 9:15am and it never arrived.


Use to work perfectly, now it's useless. Trip planner doesn't work.


Almost as useless as the printed schedule. Hey cdta, make gps data available in realtime please

Google Maps id where it's at

Google maps works better to find bus routes. Much more user friendly and info is real time. This app is nice to know of any service delays.


I have had this app for 15 min. and I can't get the info I need. Take a screenshot as fast as you can when necessary information pops up on the screen because chances of the crashing are high.

keeps crashing!

Started this app one time, worked for a few seconds and then crashed, crashes with every start after that, please fix it or don't have this app available anymore, waste of space on my iphone when it doesn't work right!

Worst app ever

It doesn't work most of the time. Whenever I try to find out when the bus comes, it says 'no direction found'. What? I'm trying to get to Crossgates and the app can't even do that? Also, the bus never comes on time. Why is there an app for the cdta anyway?! Useless.

Can't find route

Given two stops that were picked off existing routes, the app cannot find a way to connect them.

Very Helpful!

The bus times are very accurate


Update to where it matches your advertisements. I can't pay via iPhone! I prefer to see full schedule, if I want real time, I'll call my mom whom works for you. I've been riding with CDTA for a while, it's done nothing but worsen. Why would the 355 & 1 run after 10:30pm and not the 905, which is the bus people really need. CDTA is showing greed when public transit will forever be needed.


The app does not even work! It only says "directions not found" no matter what bus line or bus stop you select. It's a joke. I have no idea what their tech people are getting paid for.

Slowly improving

I've changed my review from 1 star to 4 because the app has been much more reliable. I am starting to trust it, as it has been giving correct information for the last couple of months. I hope it keeps up, if so I will rate it 5 in the future

App crashes!!

Every time I try to open the app it crashes! It won't even make it past the opening screen! It's very frustrating when you need to find out which busses you have to take to get to work

Works when it wants to

so I had this app for several months it was working just fine, but recently I updated my iphone and the app constantly tells me that there aren't any directions for this trip it's ridiculous they really need to fix the bugs on this app this is very frustrating

Great most of the time

I've used this app for a few weeks with great results. Accurate information and no crashes or bugs. Then tonight it gave me false info saying a bus stopped at a stop that it doesn't. This left me stranded in a bad neighborhood at night until I found someone who informed me the actual stop was five blocks away. Five blocks later when I got to the bus I was not very pleased

It's awful

It crashes all the time and most of the time it won't even work! This app is garbage!!!!


Would be a great app if it didn't crash every time I went to look at bus routes

Slow and unreliable

This app used to be pretty quick and dependable but now it's very slow to load and slow on the GPS. And the nearby stops doesn't seem to be working anymore.

Current info

This app is horrible with staying up to date. I keep waiting for busses that never show up. It's way to cold for this. I stood outside for 20 min waiting for a bus that never showed up. Thanks for that

Trip planner hasn't worked in weeks

This app used to work perfectly and the trip planner part was great but for about 3 weeks now trip planner is completely screwed up. You can't put in the stops (at least for route 13) and get the times because it tells you no routes available and that you're coming from Washington, D.C. And it will take you 18 hours. It tells you this when you pick the stops as your destination and departures from cdta options. No point in using the app when the trip planner doesn't work to give accurate results

Serious Bug

Overall, this is a reasonably good public transportation app. A few tests show that the arrival times are pretty accurate. I do wish we could search bus stops geographically (stops near me or stops near my destination) instead of either having to know the correct name or scroll through the ENTIRE list of stops covering three cities. That said, I checked a bus time today (after last doing so a week ago) and I can't get any results for any search criteria rendering the app completely non-functional. A look at other reviews tells me this problem has occurred for other users at least for the last year. This could be quite serious if I were in an area I was unfamiliar with depending on this app to get back home. UPDATE: This app has gotten increasingly worse with each update. It crashes 3 - 4 times per use, it often inaccurately claims no bus stops or buses are nearby, and the maps are barely usable on a mobile platform. (Full-sized PDFs are for computers not mobile devices.)

Update crashes app

Since the most recent update each time I try to open the app it crashes

Bad update

I recently updated this app and now it keeps constantly crashing, it was great before but now it wont even open for me. Im using the 5th gen ipod touch

Good but missing favorites

The redesign for the app is nice, and finally there's support for iPhone 5. My only problem is that I can't save my favorite trips anymore. This is definitely a problem if I can't access the internet. Please bring back this feature!


Before the app was "upgraded" I was able to use the app without internet, now I have to have internet which is REALLLY inconvenient when I'm using my ipad. Also the app has become too complicated. It was better when it was simple. I hate that I can no longer save trips, only stops. This app was downgraded and needs to be redone.

This update is a downgrade

You can't save planned trips anymore, you can only save individual stops; so now you have to search it all over again every single day.


Won't even let you update schedules so everything is wrong.




This used to be useful; the last update made it useless. Only returns one result on any query I have tried and the travel time is always 52 minutes regardless of distance. I assume the vendor updated the code and the cdta schedule db isn't compatible.

Not working

Was working fine for a week now shows no times or trips!!! Was five stars now one


I like the app but every update without fail gives me an error message! CDTA fix the updates.

Not worth the free download

Until they can give address to address directions instead of just bus stop to bus stop directions it just isn't a useful app.

:( "no trips found" for any date,time, or location

Works perfectly for me everyday now it keeps saying "No Trips Found" at all for any day, time or location I've tried everything , please fix I need bus schedules ASAP !!! :( not happy !

Pretty weak for NX riders

Virtually no information on Northway Express commuter buses. Stops are listed in a bizarrely random order. And most stops simply say 'No Arrivals'. No other information given. No schedule. Nothing. Too bad. Potential for a useful tool here, but it falls way short.

Not working properly >:-/

I have been using this app for the past 6+ months and was working fine. Until the recent update. It's not showing departing times for different busses going to your final destination. In others it's just saying "NO TRIPS FOUND". Please fix ASAP as a lot of us use it as to when to start walking and not be waiting around for hours :-(


This app hasn't worked correctly since the route restructuring went into effect on November 13, 2011.


Crashes every single time I try to use it. Total waste of space.

Amazingly useful

From the times of wasting paper that CDTA uses for bus schedules, this is by far the most useful app for a bus traveler. I am able to plan out my day accordingly, whether it be taking my daughter to daycare, looking for a job, or make an easy trip to the shopping center. You do not have to have wifi to get your trip planned, which makes it easy. It also gives you other options with quicker routes so you don't have to wait between rides. Recommendation to people who have freezing app, update your firmware or close down your multitasked apps. Works just fine for me, 3rd Generation iPod touch.


unfortunately the latest update crashes whenever I hit "plan trip"

Never got it right

Old version had incorrect schedules, new version crashes. At least I'm not waiting for a bus that never comes.

Latest update crashes

I love this app but the latest update is useless because every time I try to calculate a route it crashes. This needs to be addressed.

New Update

UGH!!!! It crashes every single time!! And I use this app all the time, so it's very annoying that I can't use this app until this crash problem is solved!


Just what I need. Such a useful app if you are always using the CDTA buses!!


New upgraded crashes each time useless

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